Hilarious "Inside Out" Parody Shows What It's Like Inside an LDS Guy's Head on a Date


The men in the 26th Ward in Provo, Utah, did something unexpected to show the girls in their ward that they appreciate them: they created an ingenious Disney parody. And what better combination is out there than Disney, gospel truths, and sincere compliments to win over a girl's heart?

The video pulls inspiration from Inside Out and shows the competing emotions going on inside a guy's head when asking and taking a girl on a date. 

At the end of the video, the Elder's Quorum shared this touching note:

"We truly love you girls. You are beautiful and make us better men. To be honest, if you turned us Inside Out, you'd see that you make our emotions go crazy."

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Inside Out Parody - Dating in the Provo YSA 26th Ward
Video originally found on LDS Daily.