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How to get more from general conference with this display book

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Conference Connections is a new display book from Deseret Book designed to help Latter-day Saints keep the inspiring messages of general conference in our hearts and minds every day, without adding more to our routines. This standing book can be placed anywhere in your home and features a short message from each of the 32 talks given in the October 2023 general conference, along with questions to help inspire self-reflection and meaningful conversations.

Here are a few ways that this display book can help you keep the words of general conference in your heart long after conference weekend is over.

Welcome the spirit of general conference in your home every day

Conference Connections helps us carry the peace we felt during conference weekend throughout our busy weeks. The pages of the display book are simply and elegantly designed so that they fit in seamlessly with any home or seasonal décor. But just because something blends in doesn’t mean the message is lost.

You can display the book where you can glance at one message every day as you leave your home; set it on the kitchen table where your family can review it at dinnertime; or place it on a mantle, nightstand, or any other place where you will see it frequently. When you or your family members walk by or read one of the short messages displayed, you will be reminded of Heavenly Father’s love and the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Teach those in your home in ways that feel natural

We all understand the importance of teaching children. But just because it’s important doesn’t mean it’s easy. Young children struggle to sit still and have many other needs that require parents’ attention. Older children and teens are often busy with activities and extracurriculars. It can be challenging to find time to sit down with children for a formal lesson, and despite our best intentions, doing so can sometimes feel forced.

Conference Connections presents one way of teaching those in our home that is subtle, natural, and quick. As children see the messages displayed, they will begin to internalize them, even without you having to point them out constantly. And the questions that accompany each message can be woven into conversations at any time that feels right.

Tailor conversations about general conference to your own family and your own circumstances

Each time you flip to one of pages in Conference Connections you’ll see a big idea and quote from a talk given in general conference. You can go through the pages in order, skip around, read through all of them, or focus on a few—whatever works for you and your family is the best way to use it.

The list of questions that accompany each message is meant to help spark conversations or self-reflection. With several options for questions, you can pick and choose which ones are most relevant to you and your family. Review just one question or dive into several. A conversation about a general conference message can be as short as a few minutes or last the length of a meal or car ride; tailor the questions to work for your family circumstances.

Visual reminders are powerful

What we display in our homes is often a reflection of what we value and lets other people know what we value as well. Turning conference messages into visual reminders that you can see every day integrates the messages in your home. This small display book does not replace our personal in-depth study of general conference talks. But it reminds us of the truths that we value the most and gives others, including our children, daily opportunities to experience the joy of the gospel.

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Conference Connections

Keep the inspiring messages of general conference in your heart and mind every day with Conference Connections. This standing book is a beautiful and easy way to display spiritual thoughts from the October 2023 general conference in your home and spark reflection or conversation with your family or friends.

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