If Oprah Taught Relief Society: 18 GIFs That Sum Up How Awesome It Would Be


For Latter-day Saint women, Relief Society is often the highlight of our two-hour schedule. What could be more spiritually uplifting than sitting down with your fellow sisters and feasting on the good word of the Lord? There's a special bond and spirit that permeates this most wonderful of experiences as sisters from the largest women's organization in the world gather together in wards and branches.

With so many women being uplifted, edified, and empowered, you have to wonder what it would be like if other influential women could participate in Relief Society for a week. Here are just a few insights into what I imagine Relief Society would be like if Oprah were to sub for the next lesson in your ward.

You can guarantee the centerpiece would be fabulous.

There'd probably be a number of surprise celebrities who would make their way into your ward house.

When someone gives an off-the-wall comment, you know exactly how she would react.

There'd be an overload of the Spirit that would pierce right to your heart.

When someone brings up Church doctrine nobody can quite wrap their head around, she'd give us time to ponder.

You can bet there'd be the most delicious treats served during the lesson.

When a sister shared an intensely personal, perfect story or a testimony, we'd all feel a little more connected.

She'd make sure we all got some serious doses of inspiration and left feeling like we could conquer the world.

But she'd also be sure we had a dose of sage advice and counsel to go with it.

We'd all probably leave with brand new cars, or at least some pretty epic handouts.

When someone reads a scripture and butchers the names or leaves out a crucial word, she'd know how to bring the lesson back on track.

There'd be tears, smiles, laughter, and all kinds of emotions hitting all of us just as strong as the Spirit.

When a sister found the perfect words to encapsulate what faith really means, there'd be no lack of praise.

And we'd all be in for epiphanies, unexpected good news, and surprises.

When Relief Society ends but you aren't quite ready to leave yet, you know she feels just the same way.

But she'd make sure we remembered the exciting news that we get to do it all again soon!

Okay, so maybe Relief Society wouldn't be that different if Oprah subbed for a week (except for the brand new cars). We're all pretty lucky we get to be a part of something so epic even Oprah can't make it much better.

Lead image from CNN

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