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In Midwest, President Nelson addresses Saints, Church donates $2 million to First Americans Museum

President Nelson addresses members in Oklahoma and Kansas via virtual devotional.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Sunday, October 17, was an exciting day for Latter-day Saints in Oklahoma and Kansas—and for more than one reason. That morning, the Church announced its donation of two million dollars to the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City. The museum, which honors many Native American Indian tribes, will use the donation to build a FamilySearch center, including digital interactive exhibits for Native American families, as well as meet other museum needs.

Then, in the afternoon President Russell M. Nelson spoke to members in Oklahoma and Kansas in a virtual devotional originating from Salt Lake City. The Saints not only heard from President Nelson, but also his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, as well as Elder and Sister Uchtdorf.

Newsroom reported that President Nelson told the listeners in Oklahoma and Kansas that their home in the center of the continental US is a metaphor for staying “in the center of the covenant path.” He told them the best way to stay centered on that covenant path is to study the Book of Mormon.

“[The] truths contained in the Book of Mormon will center your lives on Jesus Christ and His gospel,” he said. “Daily immersing yourselves in the Book of Mormon will help you stay in the center of the covenant path. True joy will be yours now and forever.”

When Sister Nelson spoke, she shared a personal story about when seeking God’s direction influenced her path in a significant way. When she was 24 years old, Sister Nelson was engaged to be married. But while visiting the temple, she began to wonder if she was making the right decision. She determined to fast and pray about her situation during the next general conference. As she listened, every conference message seemed to be about marriage and Sister Nelson received an answer that she should break off the engagement.

A few years later, Sister Nelson was asked to teach a lesson about marriage, and she decided to revisit those general conference messages that had helped her make her decision. To her surprise, none of those talks discussed marriage at all.

“My dear brothers and sisters,” Sister Nelson said, according to Newsroom, “as we eagerly, diligently, and prayerfully study the words of the Lord in the scriptures and as delivered by prophets, seers, and revelators, the Holy Ghost may highlight some words to ensure they lodge deeply into our hearts and minds. Or He may show us how to immediately apply some words to our lives. And sometimes He may bring to us words that were never spoken.”

To read more of President and Sister Nelson’s remarks at Newsroom and Church News. See a Facebok post from Elder Uchtdorf about the event below.

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