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Is your stake assigned to participate in FSY next year? Here are the dates and locations for each stake

During a youth conference, youth form the letters "FSY" on a field
Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

For 2023, half the stakes in the United States and Canada are assigned to participate in the Church’s For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences.

Can’t remember which year your stake is invited to attend? Or are you curious which FSY locations your stake has been assigned to? A letter from the Church was recently released with information for the 2023 conferences and stakes invited, as well as logistical information about registration for youth and young single adult counselors.

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Youth who turn 14–18 in 2023 are invited to attend FSY, and each participating stake is assigned a session or sessions to attend. Due to logistical complexity, stake assignments cannot be changed. The letter also states that “FSY conferences are an anchor to the Children and Youth program and should be given high priority in planning.”

Registration for FSY begins January 24, 2023. To look up your stake’s location and date assignment for 2023, type in the name of your stake on this Church page.

Read the entire letter on (make sure you are signed in to your Church account prior to viewing the letter).

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