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"It's Because You're Black": Church Article Challenges Our Assumptions, Helps Us Look Forward with Faith


What a powerful testimony from this Latter-day Saint and a fellow sister in the Church: "My faith is in God. . . . I don’t think I could live my life as well or as happily if I weren’t a member of the Church. Thanks to the Savior and His gospel, I can become better and find peace through any struggle I have."

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“You only got in because you’re black.”

I worked hard in high school. I took advanced placement classes and performed well academically. But when my good friend and I applied for the same college and only I got in, she didn’t mention any of that. Instead, she said what I started to hear from a lot of people.

“It’s just because you’re black.”

Growing up I never thought of myself as different from my adoptive white family. Our parents taught us that hard work was more important than ability, and I lived that.

So when some people started seeing my skin color instead of my hard work and intelligence, it hurt. After three years at college, I still sometimes hear that I’m here just because of affirmative action on college applications.

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