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John Bytheway: Why Most Mormons Answer the Question "Why We Need the Book of Mormon" Partly Wrong


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I started writing a new book several months ago, but I never finished. I thought I might ask my friends for some advice:  Is this topic interesting to you?  Should I finish this book?  I’d love to know what you think.  Here’s Chapter One:

A Second Witness of Christ, and Much More

I’ve had the privilege of teaching the Book of Mormon for nearly two decades.  I’ve often begun my classes with the question – why do we need the Book of Mormon?

Some respond, “It is a second witness for Christ.”  Yes it is!  That is an important answer, practically lifted from the Title Page.   The front cover also describes the book as “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.”  Yet many people believe very strongly in Christ because they believe the Bible, as we do.  “I don’t need another witness,” they might say, “I already believe in Christ.”

If the Book of Mormon is only a second witness for Christ, then it’s just the same stuff, different continent.  But the Book of Mormon is more.  The book expands, explains and clarifies.  It also validates many Biblical stories and personalities, and defends the truthfulness of the Bible.

When I ask my students, “Okay, what then, specifically, does the Book of Mormon give us that is not already in the New Testament?” That’s when I get the blank stares.  As an educator, I love blank stares – it means we have an opportunity to fill in the blanks!

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