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Latter-day Saint NFL head coach Andy Reid answers: ‘How do you take your coffee?’

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This weekend Latter-day Saints will be found on the field and on the sidelines of the NFL Championship Game—Super Bowl LVII. And it’s likely that during the big game, the most talked-about member of the Church will be Brother Andy Reid, head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Coach Reid has not been quiet about his faith in the past, sharing his conversion story with Deseret Magazine in 2021 and encouraging local residents in Kansas City to visit and donate to the Church-sponsored Giving Machines in 2022. But this week, Coach Reid also had an opportunity to publicly state his adherence to the Word of Wisdom, too.

A recent press conference found Coach Reid behind the microphone, fielding all kinds of questions from reporters and former players. Three questions early in the press conference were more light-hearted, as has become a sort of tradition in the week leading up to the NFL Championship Game.

First, a former NFL player asked Reid his opinion on the top three rappers alive today. Coach Reid’s answer was vague, but he did come up with three names: Jay-Z, Master P, and Lil Wayne—before saying, “You gotta give me an easier question than that.”

The next question was also a doozy: “What does the perfect Andy Reid cheeseburger look like?”

“It’s gotta have a good bun. Let’s start there,” he said. “And fresh meat, and then you put anything else on it other than mustard and you’re good. I’ll eat it.”

And to round out the trio of non-sports-related questions, Coach Reid was asked how he takes his coffee.

“You know, I don’t drink coffee,” he said. “I’m not a coffee drinker. … I just get up and go. I got endless energy for a chubby guy.”

Earlier in the interview, at 2 minutes, 50 seconds, Coach Reid also gave a shout-out to Hall of Fame and former BYU head coach Lavell Edwards as one of his greatest mentors.

You can watch the full video interview in the player below. The fun starts at 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

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