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LDS Fashion Designer Going to New York Fashion Week with Sleek, Modest Designs


This September, LDS fashion designer Aleksandra Salo will be featuring 20 of her designs during New York Fashion Week.

Aleksandra Salo had a dilemma: She couldn’t find anything to wear.

Salo, originally from a small town in Russia, had a very specific style in her mind, and none of the clothing stores in Utah, or anywhere else, fit that style. She decided to ask a seamstress friend of hers to make a dress for her.

When Salo described the type of dress she wanted, her friend suggested she take a pattern-making class at Brigham Young University, where Salo was a student, so she could bring her ideas to life.

After taking that one class at BYU, Salo would never need to ask a friend to make her clothing again.

Images from KSL.
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