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LDS Taylor Swift Look-Alike Featured in "Glamour," Talks Modesty & Faith


“Your self-worth comes from who you are as a person,” Calaway says. “All of us have a divine beauty inside of us that we are gifted from our Heavenly Father, and we’re also gifted a beautiful shell, and when we learn to combine the two and to exercise control over our shell by using the knowledge we have of our spirits, we start to really understand our divine potential.”

Keitra Jane Calaway's resemblance to the singer-songwriter is undeniable, but battles with eating disorders, modesty, and low self-esteem have forced her discover her own worth and identity--and to rely on the strength of the Atonement in the process.

“You are not here to imitate.”

Keitra Jane Calaway posted this quote from a book she found in a vintage store on Instagram last week. It may seem like an interesting choice of words for someone who was recently chosen to appear in an Alex Boye music video as a Taylor Swift look-alike, attracting the attention of entertainment sites such as Glamour and Us Weekly.

From her 6-foot height to the shape of her eyes, Calaway’s resemblance to the singer-songwriter is undeniable, but it isn’t something she has worked to achieve.

“There’s no talent in that,” Calaway said. “There’s not really anything praiseworthy about looking like someone else. But I feel like I’ve kind of been granted an opportunity.”

The opportunity Calaway speaks of isn’t one of monetary gain. In fact, she appeared in Boye’s video as a volunteer. Rather, hers is a chance to share her story: a story of self-acceptance and coming to understand her divine identity, something she was taught as an LDS young woman.

Lead image from Deseret News.
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