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LDS Tools App Makes Temple Worship Even More Convenient with New Updates


Elder David E. Sorensen of the presidency of the Seventy, said in the October 2003 Ensign, "The temple is a place of revelation, of inspiration, meditation, and peace—a place to restore ourselves, to clear our minds, to find answers to our prayers, and to enjoy the satisfaction of worship and service."

And to help Latter-day Saints enjoy their temple worship to the fullest, the LDS Tools app has become an especially helpful facet of technology.

Along with the Gospel Library app, which was also recently updated, the LDS Tools app for iOS was updated to include new features to make temple worship even more convenient for Church members. A future update is also planned for the Android app.  Here are a few of the new features:

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1. Notifications Before Recommend Expires

The LDS Tools app for iOS will notify you before your recommend expires, prompting you to renew your recommend.

2. See What Temple You Are Assigned

The iOS app helps members find their temple, displays a picture of that temple, and provides the address.

3. Displays Contact Information and Ordinance Schedules for all Temples

If you need to call any temple or need the address of one you plan to visit, the iOS app provides all the contact information you need. 

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4. Find Five Temples Nearest Your Location

If the temple you are assigned is closed for cleaning or renovations, the iOS app provides four other temples nearest your location. 

In addition to updating information about temples, the LDS Tools iOS app also has new features that will help you see what ward or branch a household is in while viewing a stake directory and see more information about wards and branches when you search for meetinghouses.

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