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Lindsey Stirling Performs at 49ers Game


Lindsey Stirling has impressed audiences everywhere with her amazing musical abilities. And on Monday, Stirling included fans of the San Francisco 49ers to her list of large audiences.

For the first time ever in front of a large audience, Stirling performed the national anthem.

"I was so excited!" Stirling told "Not only was this a huge opportunity, but it was a very special. My best friend passed away this last fall, and he was a HUGE 49ers fan. So when I was asked to play, I immediately knew he set this up. It was just another sign that he's my guardian angel now, and he's going to be beaming with pride as I play for his team."

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National Anthem by Lindsey Stirling, Rams vs. 49ers

Stirling also amazed crowds with her pregame performance. Dancing and performing with her signature flair, spectators from both teams became fans of her musical talents. 

Thanks for the pregame concert @LindseyStirling! 💯 That performance! — San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) September 13, 2016

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Check out Lindsey's latest album, Brave Enough, or her autobiography, The Only Pirate at the Party at Deseret Book stores or on


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