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Looking for this year’s Light the World calendar? Here’s the 2022 version

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The 2022 Light the World campaign is now in full swing as Giving Machines are being installed, an inspiring new video has been released, and this year’s website has launched.

And this year, rather than a full-fledged December calendar with a new service prompt every day, the Church has provided a list of 50 ideas to share your light with others. Participants are encouraged to pick and choose from the list and find personally meaningful ways to share their light. Some of those ideas include supporting a small business, helping a loved one clean their home, carrying an extra snack to give to someone in need, calling someone you miss, praying for someone by name, and being kind to yourself by practicing self-care.

Download the PDF of the full list of ideas here.

For more inspiration, you can sign up for one of the Church’s official Light the World notification services below:

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