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Neon Trees' Elaine Bradley Shares Her Faith & How a Non-Mormon Helped Her Reconnect to Mormonism


In a recent interview withKUTV, Elaine Bradley shared her faith and the surprising story of how a non-Mormon helped her reconnect to Mormonism. This friend, a rock musician who stood out for choosing not to drink or use substances, came to stay with Bradley, and when the topic of religion came up, he explained his faith simply. He told Bradley he wasn't religions, but, "I just think it’s important to have a personal relationship with God."

This simple phrase got Bradley thinking of her own relationship with God and her faith growing up.

In the interview, Bradley explained:

"I had always believed in God. I had always believed there was more to this world; there had to be. I don’t see—especially now after having a baby—I don’t see how this all comes from nothing. That just doesn’t make sense to me."

For more about Elaine Bradley's faith, check out this beautiful "I'm a Mormon" video that features her career, her family, and her testimony.

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