New LDS Living podcast helps women of God make a difference in the world


At the opening session of the 2008 BYU Women’s Conference, Sister Sheri Dew said, “If we could unleash the full influence of covenant-keeping women, the kingdom of God and the world would change overnight.” No matter how ordinary you may feel, women have a powerful role in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the world gets darker, this is the time for women to step forward—to love harder, to lead boldly, to live happily!

And LDS Living’s newest podcast is striving to do just that. The brand new Magnify podcast focuses on how women of God can use their influence to make a positive and meaningful impact in the world.

The weekly episodes are inspired by the prophecy and promise that Latter-day Saint women will be a significant force for good, and the podcast host, guests, and production team are all on-board to help each other be these kind of special, influential women.

The Magnify podcast’s host Kathryn Davis is a mom, a seminary teacher, and a Traeger enthusiast. Each week’s episode involves our favorite kind of conversation—one that will leave you filled and strengthened, wanting to do good and be good.

New episodes will be released on Tuesdays, and discussions include topics like how to really love like Jesus, how to talk about faith more naturally, and how to wrestle with hard questions. The first episode, featuring Better Than Happy certified life coach Jody Moore, is out now and can be listened to in the player below or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also join thousands of Latter-day Saint women on Instagram @magnifycommunity, and subscribe and listen to new weekly episodes of the Magnify podcast here.

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