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Planned Parenthood Uses Church's "CTR" Design in Controversial Campaign


Planned Parenthood's decision to post pictures of condoms on their Facebook page with the Church's familiar CTR design has been drawing quite a bit of controversy. They posted the picture initially on Monday but then removed it based on the comments they were receiving on their page. However, on Tuesday they reposted the image, hoping to spur a dialogue. This morning Planned Parenthood once again deleted the post and replaced it with the following statement:

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah's use of a common Mormon saying and symbol on packages of condoms has drawn the ire of some who find the design offensive and possibly a trademark violation.

The reproductive health organization posted a photo of the condoms—which feature the letters "CTR" against a pink shield—on its Facebook page Monday.


"PPAU has designed a special run of CTR condoms to give away at the 2016 Salt Lake Summer Symposium of Sunstone Magazine. Our intent was never to offend, but to use the idea of “choosing the right” to spark open, honest conversations about sexual health and contraception. We strive to be sensitive to our community and after listening to feedback, we have decided to remove the photo from our Facebook page."

The design is a reference to an LDS hymn about making good choices called "Choose the Right.” It is also an integral part of the Church's program to prepare children, ages 5 to 7, on the road to baptism as they develop and prepare to make a commitment to Jesus Christ. Many children are given rings emblazoned with a green shield and the letters "CTR" as a reminder of the Choose the Right message.


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