Poll: How Much Do Mormon Weddings Cost?

Poll: How Much Do Mormon Weddings Cost?

Wedding buzz is certainly in the air (actually, mostly in my Facebook feed and on my refrigerator). But it got me thinking. What does the average Mormon spend on a wedding? Legend has it that Mormon weddings are a lot cheaper than the average spent on other weddings. Let’s be honest. We Mormons pride ourselves on our frugality. And what’s wrong with that? Our wedding days are often much cheaper for many LDS reasons: the temple is free, church buildings charge next to nothing for their cleaning fee, friends decorate the cultural hall free of charge—the list goes on.

(As a side note, the wedding industry will tell you that the average amount people spend on a wedding is between $27,000 and $29,000. But don’t be fooled. Last year, an article on Slate revealed that the average isn’t average at all. What we should be looking at is the median, which is guesstimated to be somewhere around $15,000.)

So how much do we Mormons spend on our weddings? How do we best like to celebrate weddings? Receptions? Luncheons? Brunches?  How did you celebrate yours? Take our poll and tell us all about it in the comments!

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