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President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Shares Perfect Message for When You Feel Inadequate for Your Church Calling


We've all had those moments when we're sitting in the office of a Church leader, feeling completely overwhelmed. Why me? we can often wonder. Dozens of names run through our heads of people we may feel are more suited to a calling just extended to us than we feel at the moment.

But the simple truth is that the Lord didn't call those people. He is extending the call to you.

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Recently, President Deiter F. Uchtdorf spoke of this common feeling members have within the Church—one he has experienced many times. He shares the perfect counsel to bring us hope and let us know we are never alone.

I understand that you may sometimes feel inadequate to fulfill a calling to serve in the Church. When I received my first calling, I felt very confident I could fulfill it—of course, this calling was to be deacons quorum president and the entire quorum consisted only of me and one other boy.
With every other calling I have received since that time, I have felt like there was more work to do than I could possibly do myself. Throughout the years, it appeared that when I started to become comfortable in a calling, I was released not long after. Now that I am called to serve as an Apostle for the rest of my life, my motto is to not become too comfortable just yet.
When serving in the Church, please give your best effort and don’t settle for less, but also remember that it is His work, and success doesn’t depend on our efforts alone. Do what you can, but don’t run faster than you have strength. Give your whole heart and your energy to the work to which you have been called, then let the Lord touch it and make it grand.

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