Ring Company Gives Facelift to LDS Jewelry


As much as we love things from the past, sometimes they can look a little dated.  The original CTR ring from the 1970’s was great at the time; along with cassette players, perms and platform shoes.  We’ve moved on.

Celestial Ringdom has a fresh approach to LDS jewelry.  Fifteen totally new CTR designs are being released this winter, including four reworked versions of the classic CTR shield ring.


Designer, Bruce Hale, creates custom-made jewelry for clients locally and overseas.  For this project, he explained, “My aim was to create a beautiful piece of jewelry—that includes a personal symbol of faith.”

With some designs, the CTR message is almost cryptic, like a hidden message.  To see the full range,

And more designs are coming soon, including CTR in other languages.  Matching earrings and necklaces are already available for the CTR Heart range.  “I would like to add some diamond-set pieces for those who want something more exclusive,” said Bruce.  “Being unique has a value of its own.”



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