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Rugby Star Clarifies LDS Doctrine After "The Book of Mormon" Musical Hits Australia


When "The Book of Mormon" musical began gaining acclaim and attention across the United States, the Church purchased ad space in the playbills. In a clever way, the Church showed the life-changing nature of the real Book of Mormon, adding, "You've seen the play, now read the book. The book is always better."

After the success of its first ads, the Church has continued its media campaign to teach people about the true nature of this sacred scripture. With "The Book of Mormon" musical opening in Australia, the Church recently released a series of videos with Latter-day Saints testifying of the power of the real Book of Mormon.

Featured in one of the videos is LDS rugby star Will Hopoate, who made headlines with his decision to serve a mission and later to avoid playing rugby on Sundays. In the video, he testifies, "The Book of Mormon has helped me feel closer to God and Jesus Christ . . . The Book of Mormon has helped me to understand the principles I have put my trust and faith in and that have never failed on me."

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How the Book of Mormon Helped Will with a Major Life Decision

Along with this video, several other videos in the series have profound messages of hope. Grant, a marine biologist, shares how he was able to find peace from the Book of Mormon after his father's death. Amelia, a physiotherapist,shares the moment in her life when she hit her lowest point and how the Book of Mormon helped her find joy again.

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What’s inside the Book of Mormon?

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