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Season 3 of the Book of Mormon videos now available on DVD


Is your internet out? Or is your family impatiently waiting for the spinning wheel to load the rest of your video? The Church's new Book of Mormon videos are available in a number of convenient ways onlineand in the Gospel Library app, but if you're like me and are nervous about trusting part of your lesson to the fate of internet loading speeds, you can now have all of the released videosavailable at your fingertips!

Three seasons' worth of Book of Mormon videos have been released so far, but up until this month, only season 1and season 2 have been available in DVD format. Now you can bring the stories of King Benjamin's sermon on the tower, the conversion of Alma the Younger, Ammon teaching King Lamoni, and so many more stories from the books of Mosiah and Alma to your home television. 

In talking about how valuable a resource these videos can become, Elder LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr. of the Seventy, who has been part of the steering committee in charge of all things related to the Book of Mormon videos, explained in an interview with LDS Living last fall

“I think the purpose of the videos is the same as the Book of Mormon: to bring people to Christ. These videos don’t replace the Book of Mormon. I think one of the wonderful things about the videos is that they can help encourage people to read the Book of Mormon.”

Sister Aburto, who has also been heavily involved with the production of the videos, similarly shared, 

“My testimony of Jesus Christ has been strengthened because I realize how much He loves us and that He allowed for this record to be kept and that we have it in our hands to choose to get to know Him better."

Watch the trailers for each season and read a brief summary of the stories they include, or watch the last video of the season—my personal favorite—below. 

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Video Companion
Alma Counsels His Sons | Alma 36–42 | Book of Mormon

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