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A look back at the first 3 seasons of Book of Mormon videos as season 4 filming continues after delays

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Editor’s note: This article first ran on in July 2020 and has been updated for clarity.

Have you been watching the Book of Mormon videos since they started being released in 2019? The filming of season 4 (covering 3 Nephi–Ether) and 5 (covering Helaman–Moroni) was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but resumed production this summer. So, while we wait for the next set of Book of Mormon stories to be brought to life, here is a look back at some of the highlights and fun facts about the first three seasons.

Season 1:

The first season brought to life the prophets and people who started the Book of Mormon: Nephi, Sariah, Lehi, Laman, Lemuel, Ishmael’s family, Zoram, and all those who journeyed from Jerusalem on their way to the promised land. Take a look back at the stories of retrieving the brass plates, Lehi seeing the Tree of Life vision, Nephi building the ship, and the family sailing to the promised land.

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Video Companion
1 Nephi | Official Trailer | Book of Mormon Videos

Fun fact: The set built for the Church’s Bible videos was designed with the idea of using it later for the Book of Mormon videos as well.

Fun fact: There were three models of the Liahona made: one for visual shots, one with remote-controlled spindles, and one of durable plastic for use by the actors.

Season 2:

This season covered events such as the Nephites and Lamanites splitting into two groups, Enos’s well-known prayer, Sherem denying Christ, and many prophecies of Nephiand his younger brother Jacob.

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2 Nephi–Enos | Official Trailer | Book of Mormon Videos

Fun fact: Videos containing scenes with long speeches and teachings were made more interesting by focusing on the experiences of those listening—an attempt to help those watching the videos picture themselves at the feet of ancient prophets.

Fun fact: The beading and fringe were hand-sewn on King Benjamin’s costume, even the layers that were never seen by the camera.

Season 3:

Featuring the stories of King Benjamin’s sermon, Abinadi’s martyrdom, Alma the Younger's conversion, King Lamoni and Ammon, the mission to the Zoramites, and so many more, season three of the Book of Mormon videos is leaving us impatiently waiting for what’s next!

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Mosiah–Alma | Official Trailer | Book of Mormon Videos

Fun fact: Several scenes in this season, including the Waters of Mormon and King Benjamin’s sermon, were filmed in Hawaii. 

Fun fact: The third season cast was blessed by Elder Christofferson.

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