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Struggling to Hear on Sunday? Here's How the Church Can Help


Sam is a typical 17-year-old boy. He’s interested in things that go fast and loves the outdoors. He’s growing in knowledge of the world and his faith in his Heavenly Father. Sam also has a hearing impairment that affects his ability to understand what is taught and shared each Sunday.

If you, like Sam, find your hearing loss makes it difficult to fully participate in your Church meetings, you’re not alone. At least 12 percent of Church membership is hearing impaired, which means a typical ward could have up to 50 to 60 members with some type of hearing loss, according to Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand, a leading expert and researcher in the field of communicative disorders. 

Regardless of the reason or severity of hearing loss, if you struggle to understand what speakers are saying in Sunday meetings, the Church wants to help. 

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