2022 – Old Testament

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We made it to the Old Testament year for Come, Follow Me! But before we begin with the book of Genesis, we need to make an important stop in the Pearl of Great Price. Moses 1 and Abraham 3 contain what we like to call a “love letter” from our heavenly parents to us because these words give us a greater understanding of our divine potential. So grab your scriptures, and let's dig into the Pearl of Great Price.
Did you know that the books in the Old Testament have Hebrew names that are different from what we see in the King James Version of the Bible? Which, once you think about it, is a no-brainer considering all the translations the Bible has been through. But these other names for the Old Testament books reveal something so profound about God and our mission on earth that we just have to talk about it. In fact, we invited our friend and Hebrew scholar Donald Parry to really dig into this week’s lesson in Genesis 1–2, Moses 2–3, and Abraham 4–5 to find out more about what has been lost in the English translation of the Bible.
Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel—you probably think you know their stories. They are, after all, the very first mortals mentioned in the Bible. But what if we were to tell you that there’s more to these pivotal figures in the Old Testament than you may have thought? In this week’s discussion, we’ll dig into Genesis 3–4 and Moses 4–5 to uncover priceless truths we may have misunderstood about Adam and Eve and their children.
You may have been extended a calling and thought, “What in the world? There’s no way I could do this!” Or even, “So-and-so would be way better at this calling. Why me?” Don't worry, you're not the only one who has felt this way. This week we'll dig into Genesis 5 and Moses 6 and study the Hebrew words for “Lord God” to discover how we can overcome our feelings of inadequacy.
What is something you are super dedicated to? Maybe you love exercising every day or practicing a musical instrument. Or maybe there is a good cause you feel strongly about and want to spread awareness of. Whatever it is you’re dedicated to, we all know that those feelings of commitment don’t just come out of the blue; there is a reason for them. This week we'll dig into Moses chapter 7 to learn all about what it means to be dedicated to the Lord, and how that dedication can support us—no matter what trials come our way.

Let's Dig In: A 2022 Study Journal

The Let’s Dig In journal isn’t your ordinary Come, Follow Me study companion. Created specifically for Sunday on Monday listeners in mind, this journal includes a Hebrew word for each week chosen by the podcast host, Tammy Uzelac Hall. As a seven-year student of Hebrew and former Seminary teacher, Tammy also provides the meaning of the Hebrew words and a related scripture or quote for each week.

And with room for your thoughts and a designated spot for weekly takeaways, the Let’s Dig In journal will enhance both your study of Come, Follow Me lessons for the week and your Sunday on Monday listening experience.

Download the January pages here.

Unnamed Women of the Old Testament

Did you know there are 54 unnamed women mentioned in the Old Testament? And while their names aren’t mentioned, their stories are important. Now we don’t have time to tell you about all of them this year but—in this special bonus series—we are going to tell you about six unnamed women and their incredible contributions to the overall narrative of the Bible.

You may think you know all about Moses. He was, after all, the prophet who led the captive Israelites out of Egypt. But what do you know about the woman who made that all possible? In this episode of Unnamed Women of the Old Testament, we will talk about the woman who drew Moses out the river and changed the course of history: Pharaoh’s daughter. And we can’t talk about her without mentioning the other women in Moses’ life who helped save him at one point or another. So grab your scriptures, and let’s dig into the story of Pharaoh’s daughter and the women in Moses’ life.
Unnamed Women of the Old Testament: The Women in the Tabernacle
Coming in March
Unnamed Women of the Old Testament: Lemuel’s Mother
Coming in May
Unnamed Women of the Old Testament: The Wise Woman of Abel
Coming in July
Unnamed Women of the Old Testament: Queen of Sheba
Coming in September
Unnamed Women of the Old Testament: Shunamite Woman
Coming in November

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Free Printable: Hebrew Names of Old Testament Books

A printable you can reference to see the Hebrew names and meanings of the books in the Old Testament.

Pay attention to the first 5 meanings! “In the beginning, these are the names He called in the wilderness.”