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The advice President Ballard gives his grandchildren to help them #HearHim


President M. Russell Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, joined the series on how he hears the voice of God by sharing a powerful testimony of how He felt guidance from the Lord while serving as a missionary in England.

In a blog piece accompanying the video, President Ballard describes that as a 19-year-old, he had just been made the district president over 30 missionaries. In a moment of solitude as he walked alongside the river Trent in Nottingham, England, he pled with the Lord to know if He was pleased with what then-Elder Ballard was trying to do.

“I did not hear a voice,” President Ballard says in the video. “I did not see any angels. But I had an impact within my bosom, within my heart, that has never left me.”

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President Ballard describes that “most things we hear from heaven are ultimately felt in our hearts.”

He also explains the importance of finding the still and quiet moments to hear the voice of the Lord.

“You cannot connect with heaven in a mass of clutter,” President Ballard says in the video. “You have to find those quiet moments in your life when you can contemplate the things of the Spirit.”

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In the blog piece, President Ballard writes that though technology is a blessing, he encourages his grandchildren to set aside quiet time each day “to think about their lives and ponder what the Lord wants them to do.”

He explains that he sometimes receives impressions for things to say in talks during the middle of the night, when it is very quiet.

President Ballard adds that “profound spiritual insight can come from reading and listening to the gospel being taught by those who are witnesses of the Lord, Jesus Christ.”

“One of the great blessings of hearing the Lord and feeling the power of the Lord is that the Holy Ghost can cause us to listen, feel, learn, and know.

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