Latter-day Saint Life

The Decision that Changed Elder Holland's Life


What a great story and reminder that even the little decisions we make can make a difference in our lives.

One of my favorite experiences of Elder Holland's occurred early in his married life--before that fateful drive from St. George to New Haven--when he was serving as a bishop in Seattle, Washington. Anyone who has ever been to college or graduate school can almost certainly relate to his experience, but the lesson he learned is one that anyone can apply in almost any meaningful context. A decision that seemed relatively small and inconsequential turned out to have an unexpectedly significant impact on his future. I have tried to always remember Elder Holland's invitation, at the end of this story, to "knock one more door."

Here is the experience, in Elder Holland’s own words:

One summer in Seattle, I was taking a class that was particularly demanding. I wasn’t exactly ecstatic over the teacher, and the material he used in the course seemed uneven and often unwisely chosen. But I jumped in and tried to ride the waves as best I could.

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