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The podcast with Sheri Dew that changed how I understand God’s will for me

We can learn to align ourselves with God's will.
"When the Lord knows He can trust you, He both opens doors for you, and He helps you open doors."

What does it mean to “ask not amiss”? I often ponder this phrase from 2 Nephi 4:35 and wonder how I can become a person whom the Lord trusts because my will is aligned with His.

Hearing about former Young Women General President Ardeth G. Kapp’s life on the Magnify podcast helped me understand this phrase a bit more. Her faithful devotion to keeping covenants is an excellent example of how to align our will with the Lord’s.

Laurel Day, president of Deseret Book, recently hosted a special episode of the podcast honoring Sister Kapp. Addressing guest Sheri Dew, former General Relief Society Second Counselor and friend of Sister Kapp, she asked:

“What do you see is the connection between covenant-keeping and devoted discipleship, and how did you witness that in Ardeth? And what takeaway do you have for [those] who are striving to be more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ?”

In response, Sister Dew said:

“It feels to me like it’s one eternal round. The more you keep your covenants, the more devoted you become. And the more devoted you feel, the more you're absolutely determined to keep your covenants.

“And somewhere in [Sister Kapp’s] life, that just became her pattern. ... It becomes a very virtuous cycle of obedience, covenant-keeping, greater devotion, more covenant keeping, more wanting to strictly keep your covenants, and so forth.”

This cyclical nature of covenant-keeping is the antithesis of the pride cycle we learn about from the scriptures. If we insert covenant devotion into our patterns, we don’t end up falling away from God or following worldly advice or pursuits. Instead, we continually move toward Him by keeping our promises to Him, bringing our will closer to His.

Sister Dew further explained:

“We all come to this earth with certain gifts and talents, things that we have been prepared to do premortally. And clearly, [Sister Kapp] was prepared to do a great work. And it was because she was absolutely devoted to the Lord, which made her devoted and loyal to his prophets, that put her in a position to have the kind of influence she had.”

Most of us will not be Young Women General President like Sister Kapp was, but each of us can still be an influence for good in our circles. Being devoted to the prophet is another way to align our will with the Lord’s so that we “ask not amiss.”

Like Sister Kapp, each of us has been prepared to help with the Lord’s work. We too can follow Christ’s prophet and His apostles. And as we listen to their guidance and teachings, we can strengthen our relationship with the Lord and build trust with Him.

“Believe me, the Lord trusted Ardith Kapp,” Sister Dew said. “And when the Lord knows he can trust you, He both opens doors for you, and He helps you open doors. ... He trusted that she could be a force for good and a champion of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I think it all works together, but it starts with keeping, making covenants, and then keeping them in place.”

Being stalwart examples of living the gospel helps us do and say what is in accordance with the Lord’s will for us. Sister Kapp’s example shows us this happens when we live our covenants, act on personal revelation, and continually stand as witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ in words and in our actions—be it speaking over the pulpit or ministering to the one.

Learning to align our wills with the Lord’s is a lifelong process. Keeping covenants, being devoted to the Lord’s prophets, and living as a witness of the Savior are three ways Sister Ardeth G. Kapp centered her life on the Lord and strived to follow His will.

When we focus on these priorities, we can join Nephi in saying, “I know that God will give liberally to him that asketh. Yea, my God will give me, if I ask not amiss; therefore I will lift up my voice unto thee; yea, I will cry unto thee, my God, the rock of my righteousness.”

To hear more about the life and legacy of Sister Kapp, listen to this special episode of the Magnify podcast.

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