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Watch: 3 Hebrew words to transform how you read the New Testament

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In a new video from LDS Living, Tammy Uzelac Hall, host of the Sunday on Monday podcast, highlights three important words that have changed the way she studies the New Testament, and she thinks they can do the same for you.

Watch the video below to see Hall give insights into these three Hebrew words:

  • Bethlehem (“house of bread”)
  • Five thousand (“god’s grace” + “total inclusiveness”)
  • 40 (“a period of trial, testing, probation, or mourning”)

“No matter how you study the New Testament next year … Taking the time to study the words of Jesus is going to enhance your life,” says Hall. “[In 2022] … our goal was to find Jesus in every story. [In 2023] as we study the words of Jesus, our goal is to follow Jesus in everything that we study.”

If you want to learn more Hebrew words to help enhance how you read the New Testament this year, the Let’s Dig In Journal from the Sunday on Monday podcast might do the trick. The journal features a new word each week, chosen by Hall, that will enhance your study and understanding of the New Testament. The journal also includes ample room to take notes and record your big takeaway as you listen to each podcast episode based on Come, Follow Me.

Let's Dig In 2023 Journal: A Companion to Your Come, Follow Me New Testament Study

The Let’s Dig In journal isn’t your ordinary Come, Follow Me study companion. Created specifically for Sunday on Monday listeners in mind, this journal includes a Hebrew word for each week chosen by the podcast host, Tammy Uzelac Hall. As a seven-year student of Hebrew and former Seminary teacher, Tammy also provides the meaning of the Hebrew words and a related scripture or quote for each week. With room for your thoughts and a designated spot for weekly takeaways, the Let’s Dig In journal will enhance your Sunday on Monday listening experience.

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