Watch: 74-Year-Old Young Women Leader Gets the Surprise of Her Life


Have you ever wondered if you're actually making a difference during all those long hours of faithful service in your church calling?

As a Young Women leader for 45 years, 74-year-old Jean figured that she’d only find out the impact she had in the eternities. Jean, like many other leaders in the Church, served faithfully without knowing the true impact she made on her Young Women.

We decided to set up a surprise for Jean to show just how much she meant to the young women she taught.

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74 Year-Old Young Women Leader Gets the Surprise of Her Life

Read the original parable by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, A Summer With Great-Aunt Rose, available at Deseret Book.

When eleven-year-old Eva is sent to stay with her great-aunt Rose for the summer, she can think of a thousand reasons why she does not want to be there. But as the summer progresses, she discovers that Great-Aunt Rose had learned some things about life that have made her the happiest person Eva has ever known.

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