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Watch: How Her Daughter's Passing Led One Woman Back to the Church


Having grown up in the Church, as an adult Brooke began to question her beliefs, drifting away from the faith of her childhood. "For seven years I put my faith on a shelf, and I didn't touch it. I didn't think about it," she explains in a new LDS Living Converted Unto the Lord video.

But in 2015, when Brooke was 37 weeks pregnant, her daughter's heart suddenly stopped beating. "It was heartwrenching for our family. We had tried to have children for three years," she says. Though Brooke had a son, she and her husband had been trying desperately to have more children. "It broke me," she says in the video. "In that brokeness, I was able to be vulnerable enough to want answers for myself."

One day while sitting at her kitchen table, Brooke had the uncomfortable thought that she needed to pray. "I gave one of the clumsiest prayers I've ever heard in my life," she says, feeling awkward and unsure if Heavenly Father would answer her.

Suddenly, Brooke says, "I felt my daughter around me and our Savior and I felt what it meant to have unconditional love around you." In addition, one life-changing thought penetrated Brooke's mind, a thought that eventually brought her back to the Church. Learn more about Brooke's story in the video below:

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