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Watch: Church video answers, ‘Where can I turn for peace?’

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A new Church video ponders the question, “Where can I turn for peace?”
Come Unto Christ video screenshot

A Church video ponders a question weighing on the hearts and minds of many people today: “Where can I turn for peace?”

The question is likely a familiar one to Latter-day Saints, who may instantly think of the hymn with the same name. Showing a busy world, the video features people looking for inner peace, peace of mind, peace from pain, peace from conflict, peace from chaos, and more. It then invites viewers to turn to the true source of peace: the Prince of Peace.

Other inspiring names in the video for the Savior include:

  • Prince of Forgiveness
  • Prince of Compassion
  • Prince of Healing
  • Prince of Hope

Parallels are also depicted between the Savior’s actions and the Christlike actions of others in the world today. You can watch the full video below.

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