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Watch: New Church Video Tackles How to Cope When a Loved One Changes Beliefs


Watching a loved one leave the Church and lose their faith in God is heartbreaking. And when it happens to a spouse, the whole family has to find ways to deal with their new “normal” and live in a household with mixed feelings about faith and religion. It’s definitely doable, but it’s difficult for everyone involved. 

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Nine years into their marriage, Brandon told Rebecca and their four daughters he no longer believed in God. Shocked, confused, and hurt, Rebecca feared that her husband’s decision to leave the Church would result in him abandoning his values, and eventually abandoning their family. 

Rebecca and Brandon stopped talking altogether for a time because their feelings were too painful. But they both eventually decided they wanted to make things work. “We both knew we didn’t want to go anywhere,” Rebecca said. “We wanted to stay together, we always loved each other so much, and we were each others’ best friends.” 

Through counseling, persistence, and Rebecca’s unwavering faith, the couple was able to make their marriage work and are happy raising their daughters in the Church, even though Brandon has different beliefs.

If you have experienced a loved one leaving the Church or know someone who has, this video is insightful and full of hope. Watch Rebecca and Brandon’s story here: 

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How to Cope When a Loved One Changes Beliefs

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