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Watch: Seminary Teacher and Single Father of 7 Receives Touching Secret Santa Surprise


Dakota and Ream Nelson were cleaning their garage on Saturday, July 11. Dakota left for just a moment to put some tools away. When he came back, Ream was on the ground, unconscious and not breathing.

One of the couple's children called 911 and Dakota performed CPR until the paramedics got to their home, but Ream never regained consciousness. 

Ream remained in a coma until Sunday, September 23, when the 38-year-old passed away, leaving behind seven children, their ages ranging from one years old to 16 years old. 

"We don't know really what happened," Dakota told East Idaho News while holding his youngest in his arms. 

Now a single father, Dakota works three part-time jobs, including working as a seminary teacher at North Fremont High School in Idaho, to support his family. And the people in his community decided to rally around the Nelsons with a Secret Santa surprise.

Watch the video from East Idaho News below to see what happened. 

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Young father of 7, whose wife collapsed and died, left speechless during Secret Santa surprise

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