This ‘Come, Follow Me’ podcast’s second round of Book of Mormon study may be even better than the last

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We are back to reading the Book of Mormon and there are a few new perks for 'Sunday on Monday' listeners.
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Happy Birthday, Sunday on Monday podcast! Four years ago Tammy and her friends sat around microphones sharing their scripture study of the Book of Mormon with all of us. Now four years later, the world is pretty different than it was in January 2020, but we are back to reading the Book of Mormon together. And last time we tackled this important book of scripture, we were just getting started.

What is Sunday on Monday?

Did you know LDS Living and Deseret Bookshelf Plus have their own Come, Follow Me podcast? It is hosted by longtime seminary teacher and Hebrew student Tammy Uzelac Hall. Every week she invites a few friends to talk about what they learned from reading the scriptures that week. Each episode is divided into six short segments, so you can listen daily if you have just ten minutes a day or you can listen to the entire episode all the way through while cleaning, driving, or working out.

One goal for Sunday on Monday is to focus on real people having real experiences with the gospel in their daily lives. Each discussion illustrates how choosing to devote time to the scriptures can help you get through whatever life throws your way. The episode guests include educators, musicians, diverse voices, and just regular people she’s met through a lifetime of learning in the scriptures. And by the end of an hour and a half—even if they had only chatted briefly before recording—each guest really is her friend.

Book of Mormon? We were just getting started.

The Come, Follow Me manual has some changes this year to unify gospel teaching, and we’ve got some changes of our own. The first year of the Sunday on Monday podcast covered the Book of Mormon, and we’re doing it again in 2024 because there are just too many gems here to cover in just one season. There will also be plenty of new friends to meet and new experiences to hear from each of them!

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Every week we’ll start by asking what struck you while reading the Book of Mormon that week, and at the end of the episode we’ll share the takeaway from that discussion. And we hope everyone listening will share their answers too. Sunday on Monday has become an amazing community through the years where people share their takeaways, questions, and testimonies on social media. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram! And bookmark ldsliving.com where our writers and producers will share a nugget from the podcast every week.

Whether you’re a Sunday School teacher looking for a helping hand or a busy parent trying to make scripture study a more consistent part of your family’s routine this year, LDS Living and Sunday on Monday are here for you. Turn on the podcast with your kids in the car or at home with a notebook on hand and join our conversations as we anticipate Jesus in the Book of Mormon in 2024.

You can listen to full episodes on Deseret Bookshelf Plus and find out more at ldsliving.com/sundayonmonday.

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