What Has Been Your Favorite Calling?: Poll + Top 5 Responses from Our Readers


Let's make this clear: all callings are equally important. From Nursery leader to bishop to Relief Society president and everything in between, each calling is vitally important to building up our fellow brothers and sisters in the gospel.

That being said, some callings can stick out as some of the most memorable. We learn and grow no matter where we serve in the Church, but sometimes we just have a calling that clicks with our gifts and talents. 

We asked you what some of your favorite callings were and here are the top five responses. 

1. Primary Teacher

That feeling you get when you see your Primary class learn and practice gospel principles each week:

2. Nursery Leader

One word: snacks. 

3. Young Women/Young Men Leader

You may forget where you put your phone or your keys, but you will never forget an inspiring Young Women or Young Men leader. 

4. Chorister

There's a certain confidence that comes from finally knowing what the conducting patterns are in the back of the hymnbook. 

5. Primary Pianist

Playing the piano is cool, but playing the piano while Primary children are singing? That takes skill. 

Which of these five callings would be your favorite? Let us know in the poll below!

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