When 2 Missionaries Met Johnny Depp, Gave Him a Book of Mormon


You may have heard about when Alex Boyé gave Prince Charles a copy of the Book of Mormon. Or you may have even heard about when Elvis Presley received a Book of Mormon from a fan

But you probably haven't heard about the time a missionary in a white shirt and tie gave Johnny Depp a Book of Mormon. 

On June 22, 2012, Johnny Depp was at the town hall of Creede, Colorado, signing autographs after shooting parts of The Lone Ranger in the area when he met two Mormon missionaries: Elder Trudo and Elder Wilde. 

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Image courtesy of Tyanya Mortensen Smith.

While attending the event with the branch mission leader, Lyle Tuoti, the missionaries met Johnny Depp, who asked them about their name tags.

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"Elder Wilde asked Depp if he would accept a Book of Mormon. He said, 'Sure,' and then autographed another one they had as well," Tyanya Mortensen Smith says, who is a member of the Del Norte branch in Creede and who attended the event.

And, according to Smith, Depp was very patient and friendly throughout the event and even said, "Thanks for the book, man," as the missionaries left. 

Lead image from Tyanya Mortensen Smith
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