14 LDS Audio Books for a More Inspiring Commute

by | Dec. 29, 2016

Mormon Life

Many of us commute long distances to work each day, or simply need something to do while running errands in the car or working around the house. Regardless of how busy you are, audiobooks are a great way to inspire and uplift, without worry about finding time to sit and focus on reading. Check out these 14 great audiobooks available from Deseret Book—and start your free 30-day trial of Bookshelf Plus for unlimited access to LDS audiobooks.

Image tDon't have time to sit and read a book? Try listening to one instead.

The Infinite Atonement

This book is becoming a classic among members of the Church, and rightly so. The Atonement has so many complexities, and the more you understand about it, the more you want to keep studying. Listening to The Infinite Atonement while driving or working around the house helps keep my thoughts centered on Christ, while teaching me so much about His Atonement. Each time I listen to it, something new sticks out to me.
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The Power of Everyday Missionaries

The eBook version of this book comes for free when you join Deseret Bookshelf, but listening to Clayton M. Christensen adds so much to his message. His message is that it’s the little things that help people start investigating about our church, and the more you practice sharing the gospel, the easier it becomes. Listening to this audiobook on your way to work helps keep your mind focused on looking for missionary opportunities and ways to serve the people around you.
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The John Bytheway Complete Collection Volumes 1-3

John Bytheway does a great job of keeping everyone’s interest with little jokes and thought provoking questions. He touches the hearts of youth because he really had a way of speaking to them. And he doesn't just do an excellent job teaching our youth, he does an equally impressive job at teaching adults as well. This collection of talks is no exception to his famous devotionals. It’s broken into sections that make it easy to listen to at any part of your day, whether for a couple minutes or an extended road trip.
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The Orphan Keeper

This unbelievable tale is based on a true story. Seven-year-old Chellamuthu's life is forever changed when he is kidnapped from his village in India, sold to a Christian orphanage, and then adopted by an unsuspecting couple in the United States. It takes months before the boy can speak enough English to tell his parents that he already has a family back in India. Horrified, they try their best to track down his Indian family, but all avenues lead to dead ends.
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How Do I Know If I Know?

John Bytheway suggests that we "F.E.E.L." the truthfulness of the gospel through our feelings, our experiences, the many evidences we encounter, and our logical conclusions about how a loving God interacts with His children on the earth. Like gradually turning up a dimmer switch, understanding all the ways we F.E.E.L. our testimony will help it grow brighter. As you read, you may discover that your testimony is stronger than you thought, and you'll also become more excited and motivated to let your light shine!
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“The sweetest experience in mortality is to know that our Heavenly Father has worked through us,” says President Thomas S. Monson, 16th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But he does more than say it—he lives it. Throughout his life, he has been an instrument in the Lord's hands, one through whom the work of the kingdom of God is lovingly carried out. To the Rescue is a biography of President Monson and helps inspire readers to look for opportunities to serve, and to do so with love. What a great example our prophet it to us!
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The Continuous Atonement

While the study of the Atonement might seem daunting and overwhelming, Brad Wilcox does a wonderful job at breaking down Christ’s Atonement into little sections and helps explain things that we might struggle to grasp otherwise. He clears up common misconceptions about what the Atonement is and shows us that Christ doesn’t make up the difference, he makes all the difference.
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The Undaunted

In this spellbinding historical fiction, follow along with the stalwart small band of the 1879 pioneer company. Gerald Lund masterfully takes the readers into the story and the experiences of these pioneers. See how these Saints heed the call to create a settlement in the lawless frontier of the Four Corners area. His account of the adventure, romance, and sacrifices of these undaunted pioneers will resonate with readers who love a good story as well as those who want to better understand the incomparable legacy and unconquerable faith of those valiant Saints.
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Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy

Elder Richard G. Scott shares with readers the truths we need to understand and embrace to truly have a life of peace, happiness, and joy. His familiar and warm style helps these seemingly elusive and unattainable eternal promises seem possible. Filled with insightful stories and examples to illustrate doctrine and principles, the book encourages the reader while at the same time sharing profound apostolic counsel that will help us find true peace, achieve enduring happiness, and experience immense joy.
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Fire and Steel, Volume 1 and 2

Now you can listen to both Fire and Steel books from start to finish. These compelling books follow the story of two families who will face some of the most turbulent times in history as they are tried to their very cores during World War I and II. But we learn that the strongest steel is forged in the hottest flames. And only through sheer determination and fortitude will they be able to pass through the refiner’s fire and come out stronger and more united than ever before.
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What's On the Other Side: What the Gospel Teaches Us About the Spirit World

Brent Top, a professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU, strives to remove much of the mystery and fear associated with dying. This book demonstrates that knowing what life will be like after death can help inspire us to live better lives here and now. He also highlights the wealth of information the scriptures and latter-day prophets and apostles have provided to us about death and the spirit world—its location and conditions, the nature of departed spirits, and the work performed for and by those there.
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Hearing the Voice of the Lord: Principles of Patterns of Personal Revelation

How can we navigate safely through our turbulent times? Personal revelation is one key! Elder Gerald N. Lund offers profound insights about how personal revelation “works.” Learn how we can increase our ability to receive and recognize personal revelation, what we can do to avoid being misled, and many other ideas relevant to this tremendously important spiritual gift.
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Christ and the New Covenant: The Messianic Message of the Book of Mormon

Christ and the New Covenant is now a major doctrinal work and gives an in depth apostolic witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has spent most of a decade reading the Book of Mormon repeatedly and thoroughly, focusing on all references to the Savior and his teachings. The result is an intelligent observation and thorough study of the Book of Mormon's contribution to our understanding of Christ.
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Only the Brave: The Continuing Saga of the San Juan Pioneers

This standalone sequel to The Undaunted begins four years after the first Mormon pioneers made the harrowing journey to carve the Hole-in-the-Rock trail to the region of the San Juan River in southeastern Utah. It is full of adventure including, biting winds, devastating floods, scorching heat, barren terrain, and tensions with everyone from Indians to outlaws to competing ranchers have threatened the pioneers' ability to thrive—or even survive.
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