15 Powerful Books and Talks by Our Prophet and Apostles

While nothing could have prepared us for all the changes and surprises from the last general conference, there is one thing you can do in preparation for the upcoming sessions. Get to know the current members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve with these books and talks authored by our beloved leaders. We've even slipped in a couple videos featuring some of the newest additions!

President Russell M. Nelson

Accomplishing the Impossible

In the Lord's plan for His children, this is the final dispensation. Many important things need to be done to prepare the earth for the Savior's Second Coming. From preaching the gospel in every nation to sealing our families throughout the generations to becoming ever more like our Savior, Jesus Christ, we as Latter-day Saints face many tasks that may seem impossible from a worldly standpoint.

But ours is an eternal perspective, and our mandate comes not from the world but from the Lord, who gives no commandment without preparing a way for it to be accomplished (see 1 Nephi 3:7). In fact, as President Russell M. Nelson points out, His pattern is one of "using the unlikely to accomplish the impossible." From David and Goliath to Moses to Joseph Smith, the history of His people is a story of accomplishing the impossible.

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President Dallin H. Oaks

With Full Purpose of Heart

President Dallin H. Oaks, known for his keen gospel insights and precise expression, has been blessing Latter-day Saints with inspired discourses for many years. Now, Deseret Book offers a collection of some of his most popular and powerful addresses in With Full Purpose of Heart. "I hope that bringing them together in one place will facilitate access and cause the persuasiveness of the compiled whole to be greater than the sum of the scattered parts," President Oaks says.

In this book, he applies latter-day doctrine to the joys and challenges of life as he examines gospel principles related to judging, repentance, revelation, the resurrection, the sacrament, the Atonement, and the Lord's timing. He bears strong testimony of the divinity of the Savior and the plan of salvation, and challenges us to ask ourselves: What think we of Christ?

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President Henry B. Eyring

On the Path Home

"Each time a line of truth comes to us, we get to choose what we will do about it," writes President Henry B. Eyring. "If we try hard to do what that truth requires of us, God will send more light and more truth. It will go on, line after line, as long as we choose to obey the truth."

In this classic collection of quotations from President Eyring, eternal truths are presented a line or two at a time, giving us opportunity to ponder, to learn, and to grow. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations and typography, these gems of thought will spark meaningful discussion, offer a quick uplift, or inspire readers who just want to take a quiet moment to draw closer to the Lord.

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President M. Russell Ballard

Counseling with Our Councils

"There is no problem in the family, ward, or stake that cannot be solved if we look for solutions in the Lord's way by counseling—really counseling—with each other."

So teaches Elder M. Russell Ballard, who has long been a champion of the divinely inspired council system. In this newly revised edition of his classic Counseling with Our Councils, which has been updated to reflect the increasing emphasis placed recently on councils in the Church and family, he shows:

How to plan and conduct a truly effective council meeting.

How to make better use of the combined inspiration, wisdom, and experience of all council members, including the unique perspectives of women.

How to utilize the resources of a family, ward, or stake council to help bring people to Christ.

The insights and ideas in this book are an invaluable resource for Church leaders, parents, and anyone who wishes to minister more effectively with others in the Church or in the family.

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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

For Times of Trouble

Our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy. And yet, we all have times of trouble. As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland writes, "One of the unfailing facts of mortal life is the recurring presence of trouble . . . When these difficult days (and nights!) come—and they will—it will help us to remember that 'it must needs be,' that in the grand councils of heaven before the world was, we agreed to such a time of challenge and refinement. We were taught then that facing, resolving, and enduring troublesome times was the price we would pay for progress. And we were committed to progress eternally."

In this tender book, Elder Holland explores dozens of scriptural passages from the psalms, offering personal ideas and insights and sharing his testimony that "no matter what the trouble and trial of the day may be, we start and finish with the eternal truth that God is for us." Elder Holland's reflections on the psalms provide a powerful witness of that comforting truth.

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Elder Dieter F.Uchtdorf

The Gospel at 30,000 Feet

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf has earned a reputation among members of the Church for using his decades of experience as a pilot to draw gospel metaphors. He has even joked about the frequency of the phenomenon from the pulpit, once noting that a congregation may be asking, "What does this have to do with an airplane?" Elder Uchtdorf's ability to draw on real-life experience and share easily interpreted analogies has endeared him to Church members the world over.

This new book brings together many of those stories of flight that Elder Uchtdorf has used in his ministry. In this colorful, inviting format, more than 20 of his best-loved stories come together under five major themes: Principles of Flight, Lift, Guidance on the Journey, Weathering the Turbulence, and Our Eternal Destination.

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Elder David A. Bednar

One by One

In this book, Elder David A. Bednar offers a compelling look at a pattern the Lord uses to bless His people: He works with us on an individual basis, one by one. Demonstrating that pattern as it occurs throughout the scriptures, in the lives of many Church leaders, and in his own ministry, Elder Bednar invites us to open our hearts to the Lord's love. He also teaches that by ministering as the Savior does, one by one, we can be more powerful instruments in His hands to accomplish His purposes.

From a "guided tour" through scriptural illustration to an array of touching personal accounts, this important new book offers hope and guidance for anyone who has ever wondered, "Do I matter to the Lord?"

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Elder Quentin L. Cook

Strong and Faithful

Adapted from the talk titled “LDS Women Are Incredible!” given in April 2011 general conference, this delightful booklet shares a powerful message for women from Elder Quentin L. Cook.

Whether married or single, Latter-day Saint women meet the challenges of today with strength and faith. This inspiring booklet is the perfect gift for women of all ages.

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Elder D. Todd Christofferson

The Good That Men Can Do

"Fathers are fundamental in the divine plan of happiness," writes Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. "I want to raise a voice of encouragement for those who are striving to fill well that calling. I wish to focus on the good that men can do in the highest of masculine roles: husband and father."

Based on his "Fathers" talk, given during the April 2016 general conference, this thoughtful new book contains insights and inspiration about the eternal role of men. Complete with beautiful photography and typography, The Good That Men Can Do uplifts, encourages, and honors husbands and fathers of all ages and walks of life as they share responsibility with our Heavenly Father to nurture His children.

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Elder Neil L. Andersen

Traveling home along a quiet road on Christmas Eve, the Andersen family became stranded in a remote part of the French countryside. The heartwarming story of their encounter with a modern-day innkeeper in a quaint village in France is a reminder that whoever you are, wherever you are, God knows you and loves you, and His miracles still happen today at Christmas and all the year through.

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Elder Ronald A. Rasband

In his October 2017 General Conference address, Elder Rasband shared stories from his personal life and from the scriptures to teach that God doesn't work by coincidence. Instead, he explains that “the Lord’s hand is guiding you. By ‘divine design,’ He is in the small details of your life as well as the major milestones." 

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Elder Gary E. Stevenson

In a video posted by Mormon Newsroom, Elder Gary E. Stevenson shares the two results that come from comparing ourselves with others: discouragement or pride. Nothing good comes from comparing our trials or blessings with others.

This video is one in a powerful video series released by the Mormon Channel in which Church leaders speak directly to members who feel ostracized and like they do not belong in the Church.

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Elder Dale G. Renlund

The concept of priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is unique. A portion of God's power is delegated to "individuals who He knows perfectly well are imperfect." How does that work? As authors Dale and Ruth Renlund ask, "How is it conceivable that His awesome, delicate power could be used by both an illiterate farmer and a rocket scientist—to equal effect—in the salvation of humankind?"

This helpful book "has arisen in large part from questions we have asked each other over the years," write Elder and Sister Renlund. "The quest for an understanding of the priesthood and its proper application has continued through our respective medical and legal training and our careers outside of the home. A fuller understanding and application of the priesthood power has required both of us to work together inside our home."

Understanding the doctrine of the priesthood and the principles that govern its use is a pursuit worth of any member of the Church, but one that should be of special concern to those who hold or are preparing to hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. This careful explanation offers a perfect way to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of priesthood power and how to use it.

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Elder Gerrit W. Gong

In the April 2016 General Conference, Elder Gong enumerated six ways we can always remember the Savior and by so doing, always have His spirit to be with us. His counsel includes:

  1. Having confidence in His covenants, promises, and assurances
  2. Gratefully acknowledging His hand throughout our lives
  3. Trusting in His forgiveness after repentance
  4. He is always welcoming us home
  5. Partaking of the sacrament
  6. Remembering Him as He always remembers us

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Elder Ulisses Soares

Centering his message on the Christ-like attribute of meekness, Elder Soares said, “being meek does not mean weakness, but it does mean behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self-worth, and self-control.” See the entirety of his talk by clicking on the button below. This talk, given at general conference in October 2013, clarifies what it means to be truly meek and culminates with a touching story about Brother Moses Mahlangu from South Africa. 

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Recently, Elders Gong and Soares spoke to the media and gave insight about their experience as newly called Apostles. See what they had to say about their first months in office.

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