The Secret to Being Your Best: Stop Comparing

I looked in the mirror the other day and do you know what I saw?  A double chin. A double chin that never used to be there, and my arms that look what seems to be twice as wide as what they used to be. And what I didn’t see was my defined cheek bones I used to have or abs that used to be there or my self confidence with my image that I used to have.  Looking in that mirror was a terrible reminder of the 50 lbs I gained and haven’t lost yet.  I looked in the mirror and I just started bawling.  To end the night, I laid in bed and my mind wandered to all the things that didn’t get done that day and was upset because I wasn’t better. It was so consuming I even almost turned down the opportunities to be filmed in a Mormon Message and being filmed for a segment to be shown after this upcoming General Conference.

Why do we define ourselves by what we can’t do?

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