10 Memes That Will Inspire You to Live to Your Full Potential

Has anyone ever told you that you are extraordinary? That you are destined for remarkable things? That there is a spark of greatness in you? They should have.

Launch out into the deep.

When was the last time you accepted an invitation from the Lord?

Leave behind your nets and follow me.

Peter, a fisherman, walked on water! What could you do with the Lord?

Welcome the task that takes you beyond yourself.

If the Lord can do great things with a single loaf, imagine what He can do with a single life.

Give Him all that you have to offer. He will bless it. He will make it more.

There will be a point in this journey where you will have to leave neutral ground. That moment will require you to give Him your heart...all of it.

There is a spark of greatness in you just waiting to be ignited. Your possibilities span the universe. You have within you the potential to become someone remarkable.

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