21 Awkward Things Latter-day Saints Have Actually Said on a First Date

We asked our readers on Facebook about some of the worst things someone has said to them on a first date. We absolutely loved what we read. The responses were too hilarious not to share. 

Not-So-Subtle Marriage Hints

My first date in Utah went like this: We prayed in the car before we left "to be in tune with the Spirit," he tried to hold my hand the entire time, told me "I passed the girlfriend test," and took me to Temple Square and during conversation took my hand and massaged my ring finger. Yeah . . . couldn't end soon enough. —Midge
I had a guy tell me he knew I was his future wife . . . scared me to death. —Teri
I was proposed to once on a first date. Needless to say . . . I never went out with her again. #scariestdateofmylife. —Patrick
When I was on a date with a girl from my ward she said, "I think your mom would be an awesome mother-in-law for me." —PJ (Update: She got her wish. These two are happily married.)

Concerning Children

Got this text about 15 minutes before he was due to pick me up for a blind date: "How do you want to raise your children?" —Hollie
"I've always wanted 24 kids . . . how do you feel about that?" —Marisa
One girl told me "I want babies. Lots and lots of babies. Like, right now. Sometimes I wish it didn't take a guy to have babies." —Hyrum

Date or Missionary Discussion?

I have been taught about the three degrees of glory on a first date. —Brooke

Distracted by Other Dating Possibilities

Talked at length (positively) about their date the previous week with a different guy. —Addison
One guy asked for my roommate's phone number while on our date. He asked if it was okay and was shocked when I didn't oblige. —Midge

Awkward Situations

One blind date said to me "Ok you're attractive, you seem like a nice guy, you seem normal, you have a great job, but you're in your 30s and still single. So you must be divorced, addicted to porn, or gay. Which is it?" —Jonny
"Do you think you could lower your standards?"—Marisa
I went on a first date where every 15 minutes he would ask me if I liked him, how much, and if I would go out with him again. —Christine
"I'm not trying to get fresh with you. That will come later." —Alison

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Meeting the Parents

I met this guy's mom on our super awkward first date, and later in front of my friends he blurted out, "My mom thinks you'll be a great mom!" —Jannalee

Well That Was Random

He turned to me and said, "So, you're a girl, huh?" —Jana
One guy talked at length about how excited and prepared he was for the zombie apocalypse. . . . —Nicole
At the end of a pretty good first date, I once had a girl ask me the big pornography question when I walked her to the door. I'm not opposed to girls asking about this, but the first date seemed a little soon for me. —Robby
"Do you ever talk to colors? I do all the time. I always wanna be like, 'Yo! Red! Why don't you just blue it up a little!?! Stop being so harsh!' What colors do you talk to?" —Corinne

Thinly Veiled Bragging or Insults

"You're not really calling this a date, are you?" —Gonzalo
"People think I sing like Josh Groban." —Melissa

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