3 Questions Married People Need to Stop Asking LDS Singles

I discovered that we all dread a similar situation.  When we find ourselves at the teenager’s table instead of with our married younger siblings because that might make the adult table uneven.  When we hover at the edges of family photos, without someone else to balance us out.  When we are with family, at ward and stake gatherings, or even just with married friends, inevitably the conversation will turn to spouses, children, homes and family concerns and upon realizing that we have little to add to these discussions, it is only a matter of time before someone asks us one of The Questions.

The Questions come in many forms and variations.  They are asked out of curiosity, lack of other conversational ideas or, most importantly, love and concern.  But the thing that they all have in common is that they have no real answer.  Oh, we try to form a response.  We attempt politeness, humor, changing the subject and occasionally sarcasm, but never brutal honesty…because honestly?  No one likes the actual answers.

So what are these Questions?  What are the answers that we never say out loud?  With help from my friends, I would like to explore three of The Questions in hopes that understanding our thoughts and feelings, our families, friends and fellow Saints will gain a new perspective into being single women in the Church.

Question #1: Why aren’t you married?

This first one is perhaps our least favorite for one simple reason: there is no real answer!  

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