5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

by | Jul. 23, 2014


5.  A Guest Book with Wedding Question Cards

5 New Twists for Your Wedding Celebration

Spice up your guest book with these memory-making questions. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to sign in the guest book. This idea provides inspiration and a creative twist to the traditional guest book.

Create six to eight questions that members of the wedding party can answer about the bride and groom (questions that encourage brief answers are best). Print one question each on a sheet of cardstock.

In place of just signing a guest book, encourage guests to pick a question to answer and then sign. Some examples of questions:

“What is the best marriage advice you have ever received?”

“What is the most romantic place we should visit?”

“What should we name our kids?”

“Where do you see us in twenty-five years?”

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