6 Ways to Spiritually Connect with Your Spouse

Dishes. Kids. Work. School. Laundry. Church callings. Family scripture study and prayers. Personal scripture study and prayers. By the time you crawl into bed at night, there’s precious little time left to connect with your husband or wife on any level.

When you’re low on sleep and energy, it’s easy to begin feeling disconnected from your spouse. A marriage between even the best of people takes hard work to make it last. If you are feeling disconnected from your spouse, consider trying to reconnect spiritually to enrich your relationship. A marriage must be Christ-centered in order to succeed, and successfully connecting spiritually will help bolster all areas of your relationship.

By prioritizing your to-do list and with a little time management, you can fit in spiritual connections every day that will help you feel closer as a couple and closer to the Lord.

1. Scripture study

Set aside just 15 minutes a day to read the scriptures and have a short discussion afterwards. You don’t have to read in chronological order--find a topic that will help strengthen your relationship, your family, or your faith, and write down what you learn in a journal. Spencer J. Condie gave a good exercise to try in the April 1984 Ensign:

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