What the Church has said about Halloween

Halloween—it’s a confusing mix of eeriness, morbidity, candy, trick-or-treating, and family fun. But the mixed reception of this spooky holiday got us wondering, What has the Church officially said about Halloween?
The 'All In' podcast is closing in on its third anniversary and currently has over 10 million downloads. If you’re a new listener wondering about the best place to jump in, or if you just want to revisit some highlights, look back with us at our top 20 episodes.
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Our baby son had just finished a month of being on ECMO, the most extreme form of life support. He had survived, and so had we, and we thanked God for it.
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Here’s what local residents, celebrities, and Latter-day Saints are saying about the newly-remodeled temple.
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Tammy Uzelac Hall explains why “virtue” is less about chastity or modesty and more about the power we receive though covenants.
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What does it mean to be "all in" the gospel of Jesus Christ?
A Come, Follow Me study group podcast.
A storytelling podcast. Season 4 in production!
A guided journey to coming to know the Prophet
October 15, 2021 04:37 PM MDT
Most of the Church's temples worldwide are operating in Phase 3 now. But what does that mean? What ordinance work can be done in a Phase 3 temple? And what is still limited?
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October 15, 2021 12:17 PM MDT
Katie Kortman is a designer on season 19 of Project Runway, Relief Society president, and a mother of four children. She was also taught that being different is good.
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October 15, 2021 12:11 PM MDT
In a BYU devotional, Bishop W. Christopher Waddell talked about several resources that God has given “to assist us in our effort to stay connected to the Savior.”
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By  LDS Living
October 15, 2021 07:57 AM MDT
Nearly 50 temples across the globe are under construction or renovation. See photos of the most recent updates here:
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October 14, 2021 05:19 PM MDT
On Tuesday, Elder Dale G. Renlund's older brother, Gary Mats Renlund, passed away. On Thursday, Elder Renlund shared a tribute that gives insight into the influence an older sibling can have in someone’s life.
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October 14, 2021 04:23 PM MDT
Mark Rober has always had a thing for pranks. From serving vinegar to his sister as a boy to making a contraption to access a friend’s Nintendo 64 in college, thinking outside the box seems to come naturally to him.
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Temple Reopening Status Updates

This week’s temple reopening update includes 2 temples moving to Phase 3, meaning that 150 temples worldwide will soon be open for all living and limited proxy ordinances.
October 14, 2021 04:15 PM MDT
Several articles in a recent issue of the ‘Liahona’ help members answer President Russell M. Nelson's call to “expand our circle of love to embrace the whole human family.”
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October 12, 2021 05:37 PM MDT
"The Holy Ghost is not always going to invite us to do what is easy or convenient. In fact, the Spirit will sometimes send promptings that go exactly counter to what we want to do."
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October 12, 2021 01:53 PM MDT
94 years after it was first dedicated and more than three years of renovation work, the Mesa Arizona Temple is reopening to the public.
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October 12, 2021 11:12 AM MDT
As the weather gets colder and families spend more time indoors, autumn is a perfect time to fill your home with cozy and inviting new decor. Find something that fits your home’s style and check out these great fall home decor pieces available now at Deseret Book.
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By  Emily Abel
October 12, 2021 10:36 AM MDT
If you don't now love the temple or have fears about going back, this temple matron has advice on what do, and her thoughts come from personal experience.
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October 12, 2021 10:05 AM MDT
The filming of Season 4 was delayed due to COVID-19, but resumed production this summer. Here's a look at some of the highlights from the first 3 seasons.
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October 11, 2021 01:24 PM MDT
Stereotypical Latter-day Saint foods like Jell-O and funeral potatoes have become somewhat of a cliché, but photographic artist Daniel George has turned these traditional dishes into amazing works of art.
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October 11, 2021 11:53 AM MDT
With the number of new temples booming, the ratio of temples to Church members will soon be the smallest since the 19th century, meaning more members worldwide have access to temple blessings.
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Beautiful music and messages of hope, provided by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, will be broadcast each Sunday on London Live, the capital’s TV station. The programs will be broadcast every Sunday evening at 5:30 PM.
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