Discovering the Divinity of Women & How Women Count in the Church

MR says: For more great insights into womanhood and its divinity, check out President Nelson's and Elder Holland's last conference talks.

Gender is a hot topic in the media these days. As women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, do we know that our divine feminine nature comes from God? Do we understand that it was established in an existence that preceded our birth and will continue on into eternity? How might it change how we feel about ourselves when we fully understand that femininity is part of the God-given divinity and identity within?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Rosemary Wixom’s talk titled Discovering the Divinity Within at the General Women’s Session last Saturday night. As I’ve studied her words this week, I realized that she was, in part, teaching us about the doctrine of the body and the soul as taught in the Doctrine and Covenants. I have been thinking about her talk in relation to what we might call our “divine female identity” or our “divine gender identity."

With all that has been going on in the media this year on the topic of gender confusion and gender identity, I thought it was interesting that Sister Wixom didn’t need to spell out these specific social issues. Instead, she spent her time teaching correct doctrine and pure truth about our divinely appointed identity. We can then choose to use these truths to govern our thoughts, opinions, behavior and views about the world around us. . . .

As women in the LDS Church, we don’t tend to talk enough about our divine female identity, but I think we should. It’s such an empowering doctrine.

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