Elder Ballard Tells Single Saints His Thoughts on "Hanging Out" & Recent Criticism of the Church

by | Jan. 13, 2016

Mormon Life

At a commemorative devotional marking the beginning of the first student stake (later to become YSA stakes) in the Church over 60 years ago, Elder M. Russell Ballard didn't hold back as he told the young Saints gathered about his thoughts on the recent phenomenon of "hanging out" as well as recent criticisms and attacks against the Church.

Referring to the 60th anniversary of the creation of the first young single adult stake of the Church, Elder Ballard said, “It has been a good thing to have an opportunity for you young men and young women to go to school together and worship together and have your meetings together, to get acquainted.”

One of the objectives over the past 60 years, he said, is that young people would get to know each other “and hopefully you would find your companions so you can continue on this great journey of mortality with your companion at your side.”

To a large degree, the single adult units have fulfilled that purpose, Elder Ballard said.

“My counsel to you tonight, young men, … is that you learn, if you haven’t already figured it out, how to ask a young woman for a date. I don’t know where this ‘hanging out’ idea came from. It didn’t come from the First Presidency or the Quorum of the Twelve, I can tell you that!”

He said, “You may think we are old and don’t quite ‘get it,’” then added wryly, “We really don’t quite get ‘hanging out.’”

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