Evan McMullin Reacts to Lou Dobbs' "Mormon Mafia" Insult on CNN

Twitter has been blowing up with a hashtag based on Fox Business host Lou Dobbs' attack on presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his religion.

When asked about this tweet, Evan McMullin told Don Lemon from CNN:

"Well, I would love to hear from Lou what exactly the Mormon mafia is. I would love to hear him describe what that is, I think that would be an interesting conversation.

"Look, it's a sort of silly thing. We've been having a lot of fun with it, a lot of people across the country have been having fun it, but look, in a way it's not surprising."

But then McMullin, much like his Twitter response to this insult, reminded the audience that, "Look, the reality is this country's for everyone. This country is for people of all religions or no religion at all."

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