21 Famous People Who Have Been Given a Book of Mormon

Queen Victoria

Famous People & Book of Mormon

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Just four years after the first Latter-day Saint missionaries reached England, a Book of Mormon was placed in the hands of its longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.  In 1841, then Elder Lorenzo Snow received an audience with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert where he presented a richly-bound Book of Mormon.  Queen Victoria, in turn, autographed one of Elder Snow's own books.   

In commemoration of this event, President Snow’s sister and notable song-writer, Eliza Snow, wrote the following poem:

O would she now her influence bend, 

The influence of royalty; Messiah's Kingdom to extend, 

And Zion's nursing mother be. 

Though over millions called to reign,

 Herself a powerful nation's boast; 

'Twould be her everlasting gain, 

To serve the King, the Lord of Hosts.

 The time, the time is near at hand, 

To give a glorious period birth: 

the Son of God will take command, 

And rule the nations of the Earth.

("On the Presentation of the Book of Mormon to Queen Victoria, BYU Studies)

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