John Bytheway: A Remarkable Story about a Priest and Laurel Who Go to Prom

by | Oct. 24, 2015

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A few years ago, something happened at our stake conference that, to me, was quite interesting. I thought it was so wonderful that I used it as the introduction for a book.  See if you agree!

From Prom to Pulpit

Something remarkable happened at our last stake conference. A priest and a Laurel spoke to the large congregation assembled in the Sunday morning session. Jordan talked about his role as a member of a family, and Victoria described the recent passing of a friend and how the gospel helped her through it.

Not so remarkable? Well, there’s more. Somewhere in Jordan’s talk it came out that he had attended the school’s senior prom. I suppose lots of seniors go to senior prom, so perhaps it still may not seem so remarkable. Then it came out that the girl he had invited to go to senior prom just happened to be Victoria, the Laurel who was also speaking. Interesting, huh! But not remarkable, you think?

Actually, I’m still not finished.

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